Besides having published nearly 250 scientific articles, and three scientific books, and besides having written four novels, I have also written and published a considerable number of non-fiction pieces on a variety of subjects, to wit:

A. I have published a number of articles on variety of topics, in several languages, in various magazines.

B. After my retirement from the university I became interested in debunking various kinds of crank science. I have written a series of articles (all found on this site in the section titled B-codes) ) about the so-called Bible code. My article on that subject has also been printed in Russian in the Kontinent journal (no 103, 2000) that is being published in Moscow. Then I switched to reviewing books by religious authors who purportedly prove the compatibility of the Bible with science. This led gradually to writing articles debunking such crank science as the so-called Intelligent Design, and the like. A set of my articles on that subject (more than 20 pieces) can be seen both on this site (in the section Faith vs Reason) and at . My book titled Unintelligent Design is scheduled to appear in June 2003 (by Prometheus Books). An article of mine titled Presentation Without Arguments was printed in Skeptical Inquirer (Nov-Dec 2002).

C. In the seventies, I worked as a correspondent and commentator for Radio Liberty in Munich, Germany stationed in Jerusalem. In that capacity I had written over 100 broadcasts. I recorded those broadcasts which then had been transmitted by Radio Liberty to the former USSR.

D. Recently I had compiled a collection of Russian jokes which I edited, translated into English, and supplied with an introduction and commentaries. I was not able though to find a publisher for this collection.

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