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Häggström: Uniform Distribution Is a Model Assumption

By Mark Perakh

Posted October 10, 2007

On a few occasions Dembski lamented that his critics are usually not mathematicians and hence are not really qualified to debate his mathematical exercise. Recently two professional mathematicians - Olle Häggström and Peter Olofsson, both highly qualified experts in math statistics and related fields, published essays showing serious faults in Dembski's mathematical output. Dembski and Marks responded with an article where they attempted to refute Olle's arguments. While some replies to Dembski and Marks have already been posted, a reply from Olle himself was expected. I am glad to inform TR visitors that Olle's reply to Dembski and Marks has appeared at http://www.math.chalmers.se/~olleh/reply_to_Dembski.pdf. I think Olle succeeded admirably to reveal the emptiness of Dembski-Marks's arguments.

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