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Title Author Date
Biblical Israelite population sizes in Egypt and Israel David, Andie Baruch Oct 25, 2006
Dear David Goldstein

I have had a look at an archeology sites and wanted to find out about the legitimacy of biblical population counts vs factual historicity. i.e 600,000 israelite males etc...etc... entering ancient canaan. Also the sizes of King Davids armies and various other referances of what appear to be major historical contradictions.

How can you varify ancient populations sizes at the time of the bronze age, exodus and early israelite periods ???
What tools are used and how accurate are they ??? (How can I find out more IN DETAIL !)
What estimates are there about these populations figures and what is the "concenseus" and other opinions ???

I'm trying to get my head around the "minimalist/maximalist" conflict and find something without bias.

I've read your article "A Nation, Great, Mighty, and Populous?"

and article on http://www.infidels.org/library/magazines/tsr/1995/1/1num95.html but i'm looking for something much more academically emperically verifiable and less biased with anti religous rhetoric.

These are all based on:
Broshi, M. and Finkelstein, I. 1984. The Population of Palestine in Iron Age II.

There must be more than this !
More diverse sources ? and soemthing which goes into detail about the methodologies involved.

Especially because Prof.Finkelstein is the most "famous" of the archeological minimalists and has huge political bias.