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Title Author Date
Coulter mangles Dover case Rhetts , Chris Apr 16, 2008
As it unfolded, I was able to follow the Dover trial by way of the NCSE. There, I found a link to Mike Argento's terrific editorials. I consider his work to be on par with Will Rogers. But I still think Will was better because Mike has access to a modern word processor whereas Will had to use a wedge shaped reed and a wet clay tablet...nevermind. Thanks Mike!


Title Author Date
Coulter mangles Dover case Burke , Pat Jun 27, 2006
Living in a country (look north, USA) where presumably Coulter would be classified as a Hate Crime, it boggles the mind how she (and her ilk) can get away with it. Is this not akin to falsely screaming "FIRE" in a crowded theater, trancending reasonable limits to free speach, as the Right is often wont to harp upon. These "people" elevate hyperbole to an artless form. They must all be closet Atheists. If they believe in their god, truth, beauty and justice, they have to believe they are going to hell.