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Title Author Date
gerald schroeder Heller, Bob Oct 25, 2009
as a skeptic and someone whose 'soul' is endangered, i was directed by a do-gooder to www.aish.com to the latest article by physicist, gerald schroeder, entitled:
the origins of life
i am a physician and lack advanced degrees in biology and physics. i have read your articles about schroeder and his manipulating the facts to 'prove' the inerrancy of the bible. would you have any time to comment on this article? i get so frustrated reading his works, since i am not familiar with the people he quotes nor do i have a solid grasp of the science.


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Title Author Date
gerald schroeder TalkReason , Oct 25, 2009
Dear Bob:

If you want to ask some specific questions
regarding Schroeder's output, we may try to answer them. Your letters asks a question which is too general (requesting comments to Schroeder's publication and to our critical responses to them, without specifying which
particular points are you confused with. In fact every post on Talk Reason that in any way touches on Schroeder's pseudo-scientific exercise, is itself a comment answering many points in his popular but scientifically
untenable literary output. Nevertheless, again, if you specify points of your confusion, we may try to clarify them.

Best wishes,

Talk Reason
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