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Title Author Date
Three doors and thousands of boxes Myers, John Mar 02, 2009
Ah yes - the three door question from the old game show Let's Make a Deal'. I read that in Dr. Perakh book 'Unintelligent Design'. I have posed the question to a number of people I know - would you trade doors after Monty Hall reveals what is behind one of the two unchoosen doors? Does it make any difference?

I have been quite amused at how often people will say that it wouldn't make any difference if they trade doors - the odds are 50-50.

I then go on to suggest what if there were 100 doors, a million doors! Monty Hall knows which door the BIG prize is behind. He has you choose one door, then reveals what is behind every other door but one (besides the one
you originally chose) - leaving two unopened doors. Would you trade now? Usually, then they will realize what the probability is.

A simple illustration of probability, but tricky when it involves only three doors!

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