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Title Author Date
'Darwinian ideas' TalkReason , Apr 23, 2008
Dear Tom:
The Talk Reason team does not share the particular thesis in Professor Andrea Bottaro's post which you point to. In our opinion, no "Darwinian ideas" have had any role in the canniballistic outlook and the horrible deeds of the Nazis.
Our policy is, though, to post essays of various authors without editing them. In this particular case, knowing the views of the post's author, we
think the sentence you quote was not very appropriately chosen by Bottaro and may create a wrong impression of what his overall thesis is. Even less does this unfortunate sentence reflect the overwhelming opinion of historians, as certainly there are many highly qualified historians who disagree with this particular point in Bottaro's otherwise fine post. We'll
forward your letter to Andrea Bottaro.

Talk Reason
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