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Title Author Date
A Crusade of Arrogance Rifkin, R. Jul 06, 2007
Just read the above article - it is an outstanding analysis, I enjoyed it very much. Having trained in physics as an undergraduate, the technical discussion was greatly appreciated and very lucid. Commendations to Mark Perakh.

Also, Ross' appeal to probability is similarly flawed, not discussed, but deserving of a similar thoughtful analysis.

Works like Ross' are essentially pieces of fiction - modern fairly tales - masquerading as analytic philosophy. Probably, fiction like Star-Trek (and some of the videos & books such as 'The Science of Star Trek') are closer to reality than Ross.

The recipe is clear, apply a thin (very thin) veneer of scientific jargon to a fictional story, and those already convinced will embrace it. Well, it is still mumbo-jumbo.

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