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Title Author Date
Coulter mangles Dover case Watson, Tim Jul 10, 2006
I am pleased that the author of "Coulter Mangles Dover Case" acknowledges that one need not consider oneself a "liberal" to understand that
evolutionary science is the foundation of all biology and much other science, and is certainly correct, and to abhor Ann Coulter's raving
nonsense. This issue has nothing to do with politics - or a debate between "conservatives" and "liberals" - but is really a debate over the scientific method and ignorance. I would venture that the vast majority of those
Americans who do not hold a leftist political or economic viewpoint (such as me) and who are reasonably well-educated (most of us) accept evolution as fact. It is good to remember that, and to avoid portraying Ann Coulter as a spokesman for the "right" or of The Evil George W. Bush. There is plenty of willful ignorance on the left to keep it humble, one would think.

Thanks for your insights.

Tim Watson
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