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Title Author Date
Your book Korthof, Gert May 14, 2006
Dear Mark,

After reading Dembski's exposition about complexity and information content,
your perceptive observation about the complexity of pebbles and billiard balls, which I found in
your book 'Unintelligent Design', was a great eye-opener for me.
I think it is an important observation and therefore I included it in my Dembksi review:

Furthermore, I included the same illustration in a lecture for biology students of
Groningen University on 10 May this year.

All the best
Gert Korthof
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Title Author Date
Your book Perakh, Mark May 14, 2006
Dear Gert:

Many thanks for your kind words about my example. The picture on your site illustrates my thesis very vividly. This example has invoked some very angry responses from minor ID supporters (although the major players of the ID fallacy chose to keep silent about my critique). I have known your excellent website for several years and enjoyed your analysis of the literary output of Dembski, Behe, Spetner, and Co. Likewise, your chapter in Why Intelligent Design Fails is a shining example of well substantiated arguments, so favorably differing from the usual blubber of ID advocates. I wish to see your contribution to Talk Reason so your name can appear in the roster of other fine names on this site.


Mark Perakh
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