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Shaversman remembered Cramer, Shane Apr 08, 2006
It is sad that a person can be so wrapped up in a particular viewpoint that their ability to reason atrophies. Unless Mr. Eaton substantiate the claim that the only reason that Steven S refused to debate Duane Gish was "because he was afraid to defend his beliefs." then he is merely making a self serving assumption.

I personally can think of many reasons why someone would not want to debate Duane Gish. A quick google of "Gish Gallop" will provide one such reason.

Not everyone is an accomplished public speaker, and a charismatic charlatan, (of whatever stripe), can appear to overwhelm a knowlwedgable, but colourless, opponent in the minds of the undecided.

A far greater indication of the soundness of the arguments in a debate, is for the debate to be written. This is an advantage for many reasons, and cuts out the 'charisma' factor which should have no part in any debate. Sadly there is a long history of creationists refusing to debate in written format, perhpas Mr. Eaton would like to suggest a reason for that, or are we to conclude that these people are "afraid to defend their beliefs"?
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