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Title Author Date
Shaversman remembered TalkReason , Apr 08, 2006
Keith Eaton's letter adds to our collection of messages from readers who are unhappy with our defense of science in general and of evolution theory in particular. We love posting such letters because they speak for themselves and show the dismal incompetence and often malicious mettle of creationists of all variations. They often assert (as Mr. Eaton does regarding the suggested debate with Duane Gish) that our side is afraid of debates. The facts, however, are different. We posted Mr. Eaton's spiteful missive, as we did with other similar escapades of creationists before, while on creationist websites, for example on Dembski's blogs, every letter that is short of praising Dembski is immediately deleted. Readers can themselves judge who is hysterical and who is afraid of whom.

Talk Reason
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Title Author Date
Shaversman remembered Cramer, Shane Apr 08, 2006
It is sad that a person can be so wrapped up in a particular viewpoint that their ability to reason atrophies. Unless Mr. Eaton substantiate the claim that the only reason that Steven S refused to debate Duane Gish was "because he was afraid to defend his beliefs." then he is merely making a self serving assumption.

I personally can think of many reasons why someone would not want to debate Duane Gish. A quick google of "Gish Gallop" will provide one such reason.

Not everyone is an accomplished public speaker, and a charismatic charlatan, (of whatever stripe), can appear to overwhelm a knowlwedgable, but colourless, opponent in the minds of the undecided.

A far greater indication of the soundness of the arguments in a debate, is for the debate to be written. This is an advantage for many reasons, and cuts out the 'charisma' factor which should have no part in any debate. Sadly there is a long history of creationists refusing to debate in written format, perhpas Mr. Eaton would like to suggest a reason for that, or are we to conclude that these people are "afraid to defend their beliefs"?
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