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'Purim Fest 1946!' Rubin, Ephraim Mar 17, 2006
Dear Ricardo--

The site you linked to is far from navigation-friendly, and instead of offering something concerning Purim, the link you gave leads to a page that takes much time loading, then starts speaking (through voice rather than text) about Bible codes. Perhaps somewhere in this site, somehow, mention is made of the Purim issue -- but I could not figure out how to get there. And I do not appreciate sound or video effects if they come at the cost of conveying a message as quickly and conveniently as possible (sometimes I miss those good old days when the Internet could feature text and pictures only).

If you know what the site which you mentioned has to say about the Purim issue, can you please write down its arguments? I would also appreciate if you took note of how they relate to the arguments made in my "Purim 1946?" paper.

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