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No reply from Schroeder? TalkReason , Jan 02, 2006
Dear Paula Carnes:

Your letter asks more than one question.

First, about Schroeder. We "ridiculed" you, as you put it, because you accused us of somehow curtailing freedom of speech and your
accusation sounded sarcastic. Since such an accusation was blatantly wrong, we decided to reply in kind. As to Schroeder's behavior, the detailed critique of his literary output was posted and published in print years ago,
but he never bothered to even acknlowledge the existence of the critique in question until recently when our reader Daniel, who belongs to the same religious oranization as Schroeder, asked him to respond to Perakh's critique. This
time, apparently, Schroeder could not refuse to reply, so he finally gave birth to a "reply" consisting of just a few lines (which we posted twice on our site). Perakh posted a detailed response to Schroeder's "reply" wherein he
suggested that Schroeder answer 10 questions regarding errors in Schroeder's books. True to form, Schroeder remains silent. There is no doubt whatsoever that he cannot come up with an intelligent answer to Perakh's questions. If
he can, all he has to do is to submit his reply and we'll post it immediately. We won't hold our breath, though, because Schoeder's egregious errors both in reading the Torah and in physics simply cannot be justified.

Your second thesis is of a general character. Please note that among our contributors are many religious people who, however, recognize the power of scientific arguments, in particular regarding evolution theory and, being honest scientists, defend evolution without abandoning their faith. Others of our contributors are agnostic or atheists, and we post their essays as well. Science has no tools to "prove" or to "disprove" the existence of God or gods. This problem is beyound science but properly belongs in theology and/or philosophy, so we post essays discussing such
problems in sections separate from ID or evolution.

Talk Reason
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