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Title Author Date
Gerald Schroeder Pickett, Megan K. Dec 11, 2005

I read with great interest the discussion of Schroeder's attempts at reconciling genesis with science (http://www.talkreason.org/articles/schroeder.cfm), and I am very thankful for finding it and the links included on the website. I have just been informed that Schroeder will be visiting our campus to speak about this nonsense, and I was wondering if you had any advice or other resources for dissecting his views for what they are.

Thank you very much,

Megan K. Pickett
Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Physics Program Coordinator
Department of Chemistry and Physics
Gyte Hall 271
Purdue University Calumet
2200 169th Street
Hammond, IN 46410

Office: 219-989-2283
Fax: 219-989-2130

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Title Author Date
Gerald Schroeder TalkReason , Dec 11, 2005
Dear Megan:

The very fact that such a notorious pseudo-scientist as Schroeder is invited to speak at a
serious university is a sad testimony to the abuse of the great principle of free speeech. Regarding advice as to how to repudiate his piffle, perhaps one possible way is (if the format of the meeting will permit it) to ask him any (or all) of the 10 questions regarding his egregious errors listed at http://www.talkreason.org/articles/reply_to_Schroeder.cfm. We believe that
Schroeder is aware of these questions but he avoids answering them. He'll not be able to do so if such questions are asked directly in front of an audience. He most probably will try to obfuscate the essence of the questions or blatantly deny his errors, so perhaps you should choose just those questions which are simple and easily comprehensible by the audience and be prepared to discuss their meaning (as a professor of physics, you
should have no problem with that). For example, one of the question is about Schroeder's preposterous assertion that masers emit atoms; another is about his assertion that kinetic energy is proporional to velocity, etc. Be polite but unequivocal.

Good luck.

Talk Reason
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