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Believing depends on how much you think on existence Tremblay, Francois Jan 31, 2005
Thank you for your interest in my article on the Risale-I Nur.

It does not matter what you call this "supernatural case". As long as you
cannot disprove the "third way" - natural law - the identity of such a
fantasy is unimportant. Since supernatural explanations are by definition
negation of natural law, and we can never completely negate natural law, to
consider a supernatural explanation is always illogical.

You say that "causes don't have mind themselves to create anything or
organise anything to have an outcome". Yet the idea that a mind is
necessary to organize the composition necessary for any outcome, is nothing
more than a false presupposition. In Neo-Darwinism, all organisms have what
it takes to survive because they are the descendants of a long lineage of
organisms that survived, and transmitted their capacity to survive through
their DNA.

You claim that I said "they are all resulting from chance and natural
selection resulted in survival of creature having this chance". There seems
to be a compulsion amongst believers to assume that I claim "chance" can do
anything, but you cannot quote me saying so. There is a good reason for
that : I don't believe in "chance". Neo-Darwinism is not "chance" either.
Therefore your assumption is false.

I know this is hard to accept for many believers, but natural law is not
"chance". Science predicts natural events all the time, from the orbit of
planets to the evolution of bacteria. Everything in the universe follows
the patterns and the laws found by the scientific process. There is no
"chance" regulating your brain, your body, Earth, or anything else that we see.

Dear Mehmet, stop believing in this false "chance or god" dichotomy. Unless
you do this, your eyes will always be closed to the power of science and

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