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Title Author Date
Esther 9 (10 sons of Haman/names) Chamberlain , Steven Aug 22, 2004
Since I do not speak/read Hebrew can you clarify what the 3 letters are after each of Haman's 10 sons and what this word could be translated to in English. I have been told that one translation was 'self' and then the teaching that coupled w/ the definitions of the names denoted things that must be dealt w/ spiritually in the life of the blvr.
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Title Author Date
Esther 9 (10 sons of Haman/names) Rubin, Ephraim Aug 23, 2004
Dear Mr. Chamberlain--

The letters you refer to are WAW, ALEPH and TAW. WAW is the Hebrew
conjunction "and" (vocalized somewhat differently according to the phonetic
environment; in this case, we-). ALEPH and TAW form the particle 'et,
preceding in Hebrew determined nouns which function as direct object of a
verb -- in this case, "they killed" in Esther 9:10 (personal names are
considered, in this regard, as determined). There's no mysticism here --
only plain lingusitics.


E. Rubin

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