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Title Author Date
religion and skepticism... Mattern , John Aug 19, 2004
good day i am a self taught philisophical theorist of naturalism. i know that sounds contradictory but, it works for me. i have spent some years observing and inferring from the "oracle" known as television and have discovered many truths of both human nature and what humans do with that nature. recently i stumbled upon the talk... websites and have been absorbing as much knowledge from them as is objectively possible. i must thank you all for these websites, i have learned quite a bit. i am currently working my way through the talkreason site and have come accross a paper "religion and skepticism: can (and should!) skeptics challenge religion?". i have discovered many interesting concepts in my travels through human consciousness but, have never been so inclined to write and comment. albeit, i'm only thirty and have still much to learn, i believe i've learned enough to say that this paper is one of the most enlightened and enlightening i've ever read. i would like to express my appreciation to the website for carrying it and the authors, Norman and Lucia hall, for having the strength to stand up and put into words that which most of us realize yet still deny. though i do disagree with a few statements in the paper, i feel that the overall intent and message are what count. from one seeker of knowledge to another, thank you and have a good day. john
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