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Title Author Date
tapes of Dembski Downard, James Jul 19, 2004
I have no info on the tape source matter, but that Dembski has a fundamentally conservative religious view of the import of ID is apparent from his chat when a guest on Hank Hanegraaff's Bible Answer Man show a few years ago.

When asked by Hank what the main impact of ID would be, Dembski's reply was that it would transform morality, specifically dislodging the Hollywood mindset that permitted things like gay rights.

Incidentally, although Hanegraaff is a Young Earth creationist, both he and Dembski skirted the subject when a questioner inquired about Noah's Flood. Such congenial backpatting is one of the hallmarks of the Wedge, which avoids any criticism of any YEC claims (no matter how absurd) and thus in principle will not exclude such members from their anti-Darwinian crusade.
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