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Questions to Mr. Brian Spitzer Heywood , Philip Bruce Jul 19, 2004
If this is being read by Anna -- hello -- I suspect you may have to wait some time for Mr. Spitzer. These TalkReason dudes struck me onto their e-mailing list and I can't wait to get struck off it. If they send you my e-mail I'll be very surprised -- disciples of democracy and free speech they don't seem to be, although human reformation, you will agree, is both possible and desirable. Your questions were amongst the few logical things I found on this site, so I will do my poor and humble best to advize you of a source of usefull information. If you are so inclined, you might visit www.creationtheory.com, currently the world's only(?) major, mainstream science, bible-based, origins site. Science has made some remarkable advances in the past few decades. It turns out that the holy Bible was really far more technologically detailed than most mortals - myself included - ever dreamed. At www.creationtheory.com you will also learn of some of the history of the Origins Question, of great men of learning who infuenced our thinking, and of history now being made in this arena. You will be able to download teaching resources for direct use in educational institutions -- materials classified biblical, suited for secular schools. The species were indeed revealed over time; they were evolved, but did not evolve of themselves; Darwin got a few things right and a lot of things wrong; yes, the overwhelming majority of modern scientists agree that evolution occurred but in my experience there was never a consensus on precisely how it happenned. TalkReason - type sites by definition "excommunicate" many respected scientists, from Galileo to Einstein, and do not represent the majority view. (Whether they do or do not represent the majority view, as you know, doesn't alter the truth.)
Philip Bruce Heywood,
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