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Title Author Date
Dembski's Backlash Article Elsberry, Wesley R. Jun 16, 2004
Given Dembski's statement here:

"Critics and enemies are useful. The point is to use them effectively. In our case, this is remarkably easy to do. The reason is that our critics are so assured of themselves and of the rightness of their cause. As a result, they rush into print their latest pronouncements against intelligent design when more careful thought, or perhaps even silence, is called for. The Internet, especially now with its blogs (web logs), provides our critics with numerous opportunities for intemperate, indiscreet, and ill-conceived attacks on intelligent design. These can be turned to advantage, and I've done so on numerous occasions. I'm not going to give away all my secrets, but one thing I sometimes do is post on the web a chapter or section from a forthcoming book, let the critics descend, and then revise it so that what appears in book form preempts the critics’ objections. An additional advantage with this approach is that I can cite the website on which the objections appear, which typically gives me the last word in the exchange. And even if the critics choose to revise the objections on their website, books are far more permanent and influential than webpages."

The best thing to do is to wait for Dembski to commit this collection of polemics to print somewhere.

BTW, Dembski often fails to even cite critics when he makes the sorts of revisions he discusses above.

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Title Author Date
Dembski's Backlash Article Elsberry, Wesley R. Jun 20, 2004

It looks like we'll only have to wait until next month. The description of the article Dembski contributes sounds a lot like the "Backlash" article.

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