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Title Author Date
the methods of the Bible Code TalkReason , Apr 04, 2004
The assertions about the miraculous appearance of 19 in the Quran has been around for a
long time, and there are websites discussing it from various standpoints.

You should turn to those websites rather than to TalkReason, since providing a detailed answer to the alleged 19-related miracle, we'd need a contributor who is fluent in Arabic. So far we have not received contributions from any
such person, therefore we refer you to pertinent sites which can be easily
located via Google. From our experience with that matter we have gained the impression that a proper analysis of the 19-related coincidences shows that these allleged miraculous coincidences make no more sense than the alleged pattern of in the Hebrew text of the Torah, the Bible "codes" and
the like (for example, see the discussion of "sevens" in the Torah in the
article at http://www.talkreason.org/articles/ignoramus.cfm#seven ). Isn't it funny that those Christian and Jewish writers who believe in the Bible
code and/or the miraculous patterns of sevens in the Bible usually dismiss the stories about 19 in the Quran as something not serious to be interested about, while those Muslim authors who are so impressed with the alleged miraculous occurences of 19 in the Quran are largely indifferent to the alleged codes in the Hebrew Scriptures and the alleged pattern of sevens there? This seems to show that both beliefs are based on people's gullibility, and on them being preprogammed by indoctrination toward acceptance of this or that set of "miracles." Note that serious theologies,
whether Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, all ignore these allegedly miraculous coincidences. Of course we don't expect that our reply will in any way affect whatever you choose to believe.

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