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Title Author Date
Reply to 3 Doors (the Monty Hall show) Nord, Harald May 19, 2003
I was first reading the article "Improbable Probabilities" on professor Perakh's home-pages. Just like Nesa Simon David I also could not understand why the contestant should change his choice. I kept thinking
P(A)=P(C) even after door B had been opened. What if the contestant had chosen door C in the first place? was my thinking.

So I sent an e-mail to professor Perakh and he was kind enough to refer to the reply he had given on these pages.

Of course, the opening of door B is not a random event and the mathematical proof leaves no doubt.

I am thankful to professor Perakh for referring me to this web-site, as it contains much very interesting reading!

Kind regards Harald Nord ++
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Title Author Date
Reply to 3 Doors (the Monty Hall show) Perakh, Mark May 20, 2003
Dear Harald: Thanks for kind words regarding my treatment of the Monty Hall 3 doors puzzle. I am glad that you have figured out the correct solution. I appreciate your messsage.

Cheers! Mark Perakh
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